Russia Specialized - Imperial Russia

Scott: 35
Michel: 33Cb
Description: 7k block of 4,1888 issue, "wide" setting
MNH: $100.00 Buy
MINT/LH: $50.00 Buy
USED: $25.00 Buy
Scott: 35a
Michel: 33U
Description: 7k, imperforate,full original gum, signed Dr Jem, lightly hinged
MINT/LH: $750.00 Buy
Scott: 35var
Michel: 33Aa.var
Description: 7k background misplaced
USED: $10.00 Buy
Scott: 35var
Michel: 33Cb
Description: 7k variety preprinted crease
USED: $50.00 Buy
Scott: 37
Michel: 35A
Description: 35k pair, 1885 issue
MINT/LH: $150.00 Buy
Scott: 38
Michel: 36A
Description: 70k pair, 1885 issue,
MINT/LH: $200.00 Buy
Scott: 38var
Description: 70k center shifted
USED: $50.00 Buy
Scott: 39-40F
Description: Fornier forgeries, imperforated pairs, with handstamp "faux"
MINT/LH: $500.00 Buy

1889 issue

Scott: 41
Description: "dot between the lines" variety (just above numeral 4
USED: $25.00 Buy
Scott: 41-4
Description: 4k-10k, background "devided", Zverev cat. #44I-47I..$500-,scarce set
MINT/LH: $200.00 Buy
Scott: 41var
Description: 4k watermark misplaced showing letters from EZGB
MINT/LH: $25.00 Buy
Scott: 41var
Michel: 40x
Description: 4k background shifted
USED: $35.00 Buy
Scott: 42
Description: 10k block of 4 used
USED: $10.00 Buy
Scott: 43-4S
Description: 20,50k imperforate , with part OBRAZETS (Specimen) overprint in red
MINT/LH: $450.00 Buy
Scott: 43(2),45,53
Description: used on small piece, scarce franking
USED: $50.00 Buy
Scott: 43var
Michel: 42x
Description: 20k center shifted
MINT/LH: $50.00 Buy
Scott: 44
Description: 50k "solid" background, blk of 4, never hinged
MNH: $250.00 Buy
MINT/LH: $100.00 Buy
Scott: 45
Description: 1r, 3 distinct shades
MINT/LH: $150.00 Buy
Scott: 45a
Description: Pair, imperforate between, lightly hinged
MINT/LH: $950.00 Buy
Scott: 45var
Michel: 43xA
Description: Oversized stamp
USED: $50.00 Buy

1889/1904 issues

Scott: 46-52
Michel: 45x-53x
Description: **/*1-35k blocks of 4, complete set, low values lightly hinged, 14k and 35k never hinged
MINT/LH: $1,500.00 Buy
Scott: 46var
Description: Background shifted
MINT/LH: $50.00 Buy
USED: $25.00 Buy
Scott: 47var
Michel: 46x
Description: 2k background shifted
USED: $10.00 Buy