German Occupation - WW1


Scott: N1-2
MNH: $75.00 Buy
MINT/LH: $30.00 Buy
USED: $50.00 Buy
Scott: N1-2
Description: Blocks of 4, signed H.Bloch
MINT/LH: $250.00 Buy
Scott: N1
Description: Dorpat local issue 20pf on 5k Kerenski card
MINT/LH: $50.00 Buy
USED: $50.00 Buy


Scott: 1N2
Michel: 1Bb
Description: 5pf overprinted in red, signed Kossak
MNH: $250.00 Buy
MINT/LH: $150.00 Buy
USED: $150.00 Buy
Scott: 1N2
Michel: 1Bb
Description: Block of 4, one stamp lightly hinged, rest is never hinged, several signatures on back, a rare item
MNH: $850.00 Buy
Scott: 1N2var
Description: Overprint inverted, numerous signatures on back, lightly hinged, a rare stamp
MINT/LH: $500.00 Buy
Scott: 1N3
Description: tete beche overprint signed Kossak, lightly hinged
MINT/LH: $1,500.00 Buy
Scott: 1N4
Description: signed Nuksa
USED: $125.00 Buy
Scott: 1N5
Description: used on piece, signed
USED: $375.00 Buy
Scott: 1N6
Michel: 6Bb
Description: 50pf used on piece, signed H.Bloch
USED: $500.00 Buy
Scott: 1N10
Michel: 3Ba
Description: 15k signed Kossack, Bloch
USED: $350.00 Buy
Scott: 1N10var
Description: Overprint inverted, signed Kossak
MINT/LH: $500.00 Buy
USED: $500.00 Buy
Scott: 1N13
Description: 50pf used on piece
USED: $550.00 Buy

10th Army

Michel: 1
Description: 30k black on white
USED: $200.00 Buy
Michel: 1
Description: 30k tied by"Ruzhany 5.12.18 Grodno.Gub" c.d.salongside with Germany 10pf on postcard to Skidel Grodno Gub, rare and unusual item
USED: $500.00 Buy
Michel: 2
Description: 60pf
USED: $200.00 Buy
Scott: N1-12
Description: Overprint BOSGEBIET issued for the Baltic territory
MNH: $65.00 Buy
MINT/LH: $30.00 Buy
USED: $20.00 Buy
Scott: N12var
Description: top value perforation holes 26x17
USED: $100.00 Buy